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Our company  prides itself on making premium yummy granola, not just a bag of oats!  We only use  fresh, all natural  ingredients, without a single bit of something you cannot pronounce and no added sugar.  This is called the...MahA Mantra!  

Our granola  is made from all natural, top quality, highly nutritious ingredients and is completely sugar free.  MahA is sweetened with local honey from our own family run farm in NJ.  

Our delicious granola is perfect for breakfast, a topping, cereal, treat or just a snack!  Fage and almond milk are MahA's Best Friends!

Quality Ingredients

We believe that getting nutrients the all natural way is a key factor in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Born in a small New Jersey kitchen of six hungry bellies and an active life, MahA Premium Granola provides a delicious blend of  proteins, fibers, natural oils and essential nutrients to keep you going all day long! 

Keepin' it Real

Real. All Natural. Delicious.

Healthy Living